​History of the Bluegrass Orchid Society

BGOS History by Pat Schabel (written in May 2016)


BGOS archives disclose the following item from Volume 1, Number 1 of the Blue Grass Orchid Society News: “Greetings and welcome to the new Blue Grass Orchid Society. As many of you know, forming a new orchid society in this area is an idea which has been discussed for many years. Finally it is an idea whose time has come. Welcome to the Blue Grass Orchid Society. (We) encourage you to come to our (inaugural) meeting on September sixth, 1994. Bring your talents, your enthusiasm, your questions,  your plants. ”

This greeting  from our first president, Louise Kelly, has set the tone for BGOS to this day. We still welcome visitors who are interested in orchids. Come check us out.
Other items of interest gleaned from BGOS News:

  •  The organizational meeting was held at the KET offices,
  •  Permission to use the Blue Grass Orchid name was specifically given by Craig Foster, one of the owners of Blue Grass Orchids.  Another co-owner, John Hutchinson, became a member of BGOS first Board of Directors. Both Craig and John were mentors of the fledgling society whose advice and support were invaluable to our growth and success.
  •  The second “official” meeting of BGOS was a potluck picnic. That event also is  faithfully honored to this day,
  •  The society newsletter, now called News from the Blue Grass Orchid Society of Lexington is still published eight times a year and is considered a benefit of membership.

In the lifetime of the Society:

During the organizational meeting on October 4, 1994 the twenty-five people present signed the official list of Charter Members. Many are no longer with us but there are eight Charter Members who are currently listed as active. Some are currently serving as officers and advisors. 

 BGOS has participated in:

  • Lexington Home and Garden Show
  • Arbor Day at the Arboretum
  • Fayette County Master Gardeners Food, Flowers and Fun
  • Numerous area orchid shows
  • Establishment and maintenance of the Hardy Orchid Garden at the UK/LFUCG Arboretum.