Blue Grass Orchid Society of Lexington, Inc.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday March 14th at Pemberton's Greenhouses, 10 am-Noon.  Pemberton's will be bringing in a large number of various genera of orchids for the spring season.  Along with attendees being able to see and/or buy some unusual varieties of orchids, the greenhouses will have available or be growing to have available in the coming weeks numerous plants for our summer patios and gardens.   Also, Susan and Tim will present a program on repotting and general orchid care including culture of unusual varieties.

The mission of the Society is to seek out and share information on the culture of orchids, both native and exotic; to encourage preservation of the world's habitats wherever and whenever such habitats are threatened; to encourage the growing and breeding of orchids--both species and hybrids; and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and camaraderie among orchidists at all levels of interest and proficiency.

​We meet on the second Wednesday of the month at 7 PM at our location of Crestwood Christian Church, 1882 Bellefonte Drive, Lexington KY. Check the meeting schedule first!